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Covid-19’s Impact on Land Supply Shortfall was Considered by an Inspector to be Short Term – Housing Appeal Dismissed

By Akeem Iginla An appeal against a refusal for an 81 dwelling development in Wootton Bedfordshire has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector, after concluding that although Bedford Borough Council housing land supply had reduced marginally below the required five years as a result of the economic consequences of Covid-19, these effects were likely to […]

28th September 2020

Current/post Coronavirus times – can planning assist in breathing life into the economy?

By Richard Anderson. Prior to the Coronavirus emerging, the  Government had been trailing, expressing opinion and occasionally speaking on systematic changes to “a broken planning system” (Housing Minister Robert Jenrick, October 2020).  During the Pandemic, the Chancellor (11 March 2020) announced there would be a series of “comprehensive reforms” to the planning system imminently.  The […]

28th August 2020