Urbanissta’s Richard Anderson awarded for Volunteer role

Richard Anderson, Associate at Urbanissta, has received an ‘Aspirational Make a Difference Award’ to celebrate his works as a committed and dedicated volunteer for the Imperial Health Charity.

Richard has been a Patient Activities Volunteer with the charity, which assists five hospitals in London, for over three years.  Prior to the Pandemic, Richard acted in this role on the Neuro-rehabilitation ward at Charing Cross Hospital.  It was when acting in this role that staff on the ward nominated him for the award.

When the Pandemic started, Richard stepped up to become a Crisis Volunteer.  Here, Richard assisted the Charity in organising the staff shop and ensuring that staff on predominantly  hospital  virus wards received their meals.  The awards recognise the positive achievements and behaviours demonstrated by volunteers in line with the Trust’s four values: Kind, Aspirational, Expert and Collaborative.  The Urbanissta team are very proud of his efforts.

Read more:  https://www.imperialcharity.org.uk/news/volunteers-week-spotlight-crisis-response-volunteer-richard

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