Public Access

Please see below a list of current public access & consultation exercises that are ongoing in respect of our development projects.

Abbey Creek, Preston Fields Faversham

Consultation now closed

Consultation closed

Alford Mews Highgate

24 August 2020

Penland Farm, Haywards Heath

As part of the development of the former Penlands Farm site, some local roads need to be closed to allow construction of a new roundabout that West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has instructed as part of the planning process.

16th June 2019

Maidstone – Bicknor Farm

As Planning Consultants acting on behalf of Redrow Homes we have submitted a planning application

Chalfont Drive, Nottingham

The consultation period has finished and planning permission has been granted.

Oxbottom Lane, North Chailey, Lewes

Consultation closed.

Radiator Road

Consultation closed.

Treetops, Dell Road, Thurrock

Consultation closed.

Radwinter Avenue, Wickford

Consultation closed.

The Parsonage, Marden

Consultation closed.