We proactively involve communities

Community involvement is at the heart of the planning process. Understanding local communities thoughts on current and future development in their area has become ever more important. Every project is different and requires a different approach.

We work closely with our clients, stakeholders and communities to support this process, organising community mailshots, setting up websites for project consultations, preparing newsletters of questionnaires, organising consultation events, undertaking engagement with local authority members and preparing Statementsof Community Involvement.

We have worked with Urbanissta on a range of community engagement projects, they organised a consultation event, designed and coordinated the preparation of exhibition boards, leaflets and a public questionnaire, mailshots and our exhibition event. The SCI concisely summarised the key issues the community identified. The micro web site looked great and was really useful with the data capture provided by the IT team on the social media and web site visits which helped us with our complex land ownership and political considerations. Izzy Rahman Barratts David Wilson Mercia

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