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Competition and Markets Authority consult on report on planning until 6th December 2023……

by Jo Hanslip In the following paper published on the 15th November, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has prepared a paper looking at the planning system. Comments are sought until the 6th December 2023. In the summary to the Paper, the purpose is states as: “housing is the single biggest expenditure faced by […]

24th November 2023

House of Lords’ Rejection of Changes to Nutrient Neutrality Rules, Leaves Housebuilders and Regulators in Limbo..

by Akeem Iginla Natural England’s Nutrient Neutrality Principles states that the purpose of nutrient neutrality is to ensure that new developments do not add to the existing nutrient impact within ecologically designated sites, hence protecting those sites and ensuring compliance with the Habitats Regulations. In the affected catchments, for housing developments, (from which sewage and […]

19th September 2023