Labour announces details on its housing plan……

On the 19th April 2024 a press release was issued called “Labour’s housing plan: How we’ll protect our natural spaces and free up grey belt land for building”, which provides an interesting insight into the emerging Labour approach to housing and green belt release.

The press release introduction states that “The current planning system isn’t working. The Tories allow developers a free-for-all on the best quality land, with development that is haphazard and unplanned, and often leads to local opposition”.

The release indicates that Labour will “not build on genuine nature spots and will set tough conditions for releasing green belt land for house building so that building more homes and protecting nature go hand-in-hand.”

They state that brownfield land will be prioritised but that some greenbelt will be required “including poor-quality land, car parks and wastelands currently classed as green belt.”

The refer to the ‘grey belt’ which is neglected areas within the green belt which could be built upon.

The pre-release indicates that under a Labour Government, they will see 1.5 million homes built in the first 5 years, providing affordable homes and new towns…

The pre-release sets out 5 ‘gold ules’ for housebuilding, these include:

 1. Brownfield first

2. Grey belt second

3. Affordable homes

4. Boost public services and infrastructure 

5. Improve genuine green spaces

Full details no doubt will emerge in the lead up to the general election and further details can be viewed in the press release below:

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