West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan Consultation on development options

In October, West Northamptonshire Council published a new Spatial Plan to 2050, prepared to replace the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy.

Source – West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan

The consultation document sets out a series of questions regarding the location and natureof growth for the area and can be commented upon until 24 December 2021. A call for sites request also accompanies the consultation documents.

The Plan sets out a number of corporate Plan Priorities:

  • To be green and clean
  • Improved Life Chances – Health, Social Care and Families
  • Connected Communities – Transport and Connectivity
  • Thriving Villages and Towns – Place Shaping and Homes
  • Economic Development – Growth and Prosperity

Some of the key Spatial Options identified in the Documents include:

Spatial Strategy Option 1: Growth at Northampton as the Principal Urban Area

“This option would continue to focus further growth at Northampton in a continuation of the existing development strategy for West Northamptonshire and in recognition of Northampton’s current categorisation as the principal urban area.”

A series of four residential and four employment land options have been identified. These include:

Spatial Strategy Option 2: Growth at Daventry as a Sub-Regional Centre

“Located towards the west of Northamptonshire close to its border with Warwickshire, Daventry is a traditional market town which functions as a sub-regional centre for its rural hinterland. “ Both a residential and employment option have been identified for this growth Scenario.

Spatial Strategy Option 3: Employment Options at M1 Junction 18

This location is strategically located at the heart of the road and rail network and is well placed in relation to the logistics “golden triangle”.” Two options are identified.

Spatial Strategy Option 4: Growth at the Market Towns -Brackley and Towcester

“This option would distribute further growth at the historic market towns of Brackley and Towcester in a continuation of the existing development strategy for West Northamptonshire and in recognition of these towns’ current categorisation as rural service centres.“

Two options are identified here at Brackley and Towcester.

Spatial Strategy Option 5: New Settlements

“The options identified below at Long Buckby and northwest of Milton Keynes have the potential to come forward as new settlements. In addition to these options the council is aware of further new settlement proposals that have been put forward through the previous call for sites and assessed in the SLAA [in full?]. However, the council is also mindful that there might be additional new settlement options in the area that have not yet been identified that could contribute to meeting the housing needs of West Northamptonshire in a sustainable way. “

Spatial Strategy Option 6: Rural Areas.

“This option would distribute a substantial level of growth to the south east of West Northamptonshire adjacent to the boundary with the Borough of Milton Keynes. “

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