Urbanissta – Forward Thinking Planning

There is no substitute for experience

The democratic planning system in England can be complex and costly. It rightly follows a strict legal process, supported by a host technical documents that need detailed analysis and explanation, which often requires measured consultation with the public. Urbanissta’s experience on projects of all shapes and sizes has seen over 5,000 homes and a range of associated land uses including schools, commercial development, retail and open spaces of all types and nature gaining permission since our launch.

We have secured consent on a wide range of projects over the years, from a summerhouse in the curtilage of a listed building, in a conservation area, with an Article 4 direction, through to the development management and planning promotion of major mixed use developments in excess of 1,000 units. That’s quite a range!

The business of planning can be a juggling act, the process, the legislation and very often the people. We work closely with our clients, government officials, community groups and other stakeholders to make sure we understand their concerns and support the localism agenda. We support our clients through the planning process to ensure that their commercial objectives are met in a manner that suitably addresses local concerns.

We offer advice in these key areas:

  • Strategic Land Promotion
  • Planning Policy Analysis
  • Planning Representations
  • Development Management
  • Appeals & Inquiries
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Domestic Projects

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