Sadiq Khan reveals a city for all Londoners

Sadiq Khan revealed his direction of travel for his Mayoralty in his statement of ambition and intent for the city of London.

On 24th October 2016 Mr Khan published for consultation a new development strategy for the capital outlining challenges and opportunities across priority policy areas to deliver in the next four years. The published document will be open for comment until 11th December 2016. City Hall will be holding stakeholder workshops, community focus groups and online discussions to obtain a wide range of feedback on the document. Have you read the document? Read it here.

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We read Mr Khan’s plan of action with great interest because we wanted to know…

What is the Mayor’s plan to deal with the pressures of the fast growing population and the increasing diversity of Londoners? How will he cope with the rising inequality and the uncertainty caused by the EU Referendum or climate change?

So many questions and there were plenty of answers in the document. We have put together a few notes to give you a taste of what’s to come – that’s if all goes to plan.

Read through our Q & A’s to find out the key aspects of the document.

  1. How does the plan propose to accommodate growth?

London’s population and its economy are growing and the pressure on land is increasing. So, how will the plan tackle this issue?

  • A transport strategy will be put into place
  • Housing developments will be created around stations and well-connected town centres
  • Great efforts will be made to ensure people can access decent and affordable housing, jobs, culture and social infrastructure across the city


  1. What about the economy and the uncertainties caused by the EU Referendum?

There is a determination to remain the world’s top global business city – in spite of the uncertainty linked the UK’s relationship with the EU. Mr Khan’s goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from the capital’s economic success. How?

  • Delivering a world class transport infrastructure
  • Arguing for an immigration system that prioritises access to talent
  • Protecting our environment and our world-class culture so the people and businesses from around the world continue to choose London

NEWS FLASH – There could be a spanner in the works!

3rd November 2016 – Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU, the High Court has ruled. Find out more here.

  1. How will the challenges of the environment, transport and public space be addressed?

As the city develops and accommodates more people, jobs and activities the threat to climate changes will be more tangible. What will be the priorities?

  • It will be vital to protect health and wellbeing so steps will be taken to protect and enhance the environment, including Green Belt land
  • A goal has been set to be zero carbon by 2050 by reducing traffic and encouraging cycling and walking on healthy streets
  • The government will protect the city’s heritage and culture to promote good design in public places

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Do you travel around London? Commute in and out of the city?

There will be additional river crossings. Find out more here.

Proposals have been made to build the Silvertown Tunnel. Linking the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown. Reducing congestion to the Blackwall Tunnel. Find out more here

  1. What about the planning and housing development in the city and resolving the housing crisis?

The report recognises that new housing in London has failed to keep up with pace and demand. Many Londoners cannot afford a decent home to rent or buy. It’s a huge challenge, one that can only be achieved in partnership with local authorities and developers. A task led by Mr Khan’s new Homes for Londoners team at City Hall.

Here are 12 relevant and important facts about the planning and housing developments in London:

  1. A pro-development approach will be taken.
  2. There will be an over ground extension plan for 10,000 homes in Barking.
  3. A total of 2500 homes are to be built in South East London with an extension to the Baker Loo line.
  4. There will be affordable housing options. Low cost living rent and shared ownership.
  5. 50% of new developments to be affordable.
  6. There will be development around key transport hubs.
  7. The government will be hoping to attract finance into high quality build to rent policies.
  8. There will be accelerate development of over 40 opportunity areas bringing forward as much housing within all of the 31 housing zones.
  9. Authorities will be working with police and the NHS to unlock surplus sites.
  10. There will be a better understanding of foreign investment properties left empty.
  11. Surplus TFL land (Transport for London) will be put to use – 75 sites have already been identified.
  12. In the interim, supplementary planning guidance (SPG) is maximising affordable housing.

Read the full version of ‘A City for All Londoners’ here.

May be it’s because he’s a Londoner…

Mr Khan says, “Londoners must all live well together, social integration is vital this is why inequalities needs to be addressed.”

The government needs to tackle discrimination and promote full participation in the life of the city, making sure resources are available. Crime and public safety has to be a priority. The Met will bring policing closer to communities, to protect young people, particularly from knife crimes and confront violence against women and girls. Combating hate crime, extremism and terrorism and improving the criminal justice system.

Mr Khan’s intentions are all good. He wants to make sure that everyone regardless of their background or circumstances are able to share in and make the most of London’s prosperity, culture and economic development. His plan reveals his vision for a better city for all Londoners. Will his bold approach to planning and development achieve what he dreams of or what we hope for?

We will have to wait and see over the next four years.

How well do you know the Mayor of London?

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London was born and raised in South London, one of eight children to parents who were determined to give their family a better life. Find out more about Sadiq Khan: 

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