Reform UK Manifesto

Nigel Farage has unveiled Reform UK’s manifesto, acknowledging that the party does not expect to win the general election on July 4th. However, the party aims to establish itself and build momentum with the goal of forming the next government in 2029.

Here we take a look at some of the main policies of the manifesto..


As previously, immigration remains at the forefront of its policies, with plans to curb illegal immigration.


Reform UK’s healthcare plan aims to eliminate waiting lists within two years. To support this goal, the party proposes a 20% tax relief on all private healthcare and insurance. Additionally, they plan to exempt all frontline healthcare and social care workers—approximately two million people—from the basic rate of income tax for three years.


Unlike Labour, which intends to impose VAT on private schools, Reform UK would provide independent schools with a 20% tax relief.


Review the Planning System – The policy includes fast-track planning and tax incentives for the development of brownfield sites. It also proposes a “loose fit planning” approach for large residential developments, featuring pre-approved guidelines and developer requirements.

Scrap section 24 for Landlords – The tax system should incentivise smaller landlords to enter the rental market rather than penalize them. We will reinstate landlords’ rights to deduct finance costs and mortgage interest from taxes on rental income.

Incentivise Use of New Construction Technology – We will encourage innovation to accelerate construction by promoting modular building, digital technology, and efficient building sites that reduce waste.

To read more about the Reform UK manifesto click here..

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