Sidmouth Road, Brent

Our client required a Construction Management Plan (CMP) to support a proposed programming and construction logistics methodology for the redevelopment of their home.

The scope of the works included the demolition of the existing house on the site and the construction of a two-storey dwelling house with converted loft space and basement; rear first floor terrace enclosed by glazed balus trades, first floor balcony to front, lightwells at the front and rear; erection of a 2 metre high boundary wall to front and 2 metre high boundary fence to rear, provision of bin storage and associated soft/hard landscaping.

The principal strategy in programming the works, was primarily to minimize the disruption to the adjacent residential neighbours and the adjacent South Hampstead Cricket Club allowing them to remain operational during the construction programme.

Prior to any works commencing, occupiers of adjoining properties which may be affected by construction works were advised about the works to be undertaken. This included details of the nature of the works, proposed hours of work and the expected duration.

The information was delivered as a newsletter to their premises and also erected in conspicuous positions around the site, with links to a website.

We provided an overview of all plant and vehicles that would be involved in the delivery of materials and construction activities on site with the frequency of deliveries to be ascertained during the detailed logistics and traffic management statement we produced during the pre-construction period.

In addition, we also produced a detailed Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

The SEMP set out how we intend to operate the construction and work sites and set out the specific control measures necessary to deliver the project, the SEMP followed the parameters outlined below.

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Dust and Air Pollution
  • Drainage
  • Electrical, Data/Telecoms and Gas Services
  • Health and Safety

If you require a CMP and/or a SEMP to support your planning project, get in touch today with our team. We would love to help! 

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