Basingstoke and Deane Council

Conservatives Lose Ground in Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Elections..

The recent Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council elections unfolded as a pivotal moment in local politics, with significant gains and losses reshaping the landscape of representation. The Conservative Party suffered a notable setback, losing seven seats, while other parties, including Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green, and Independents, made gains across the board.

In the contest for 18 seats, the distribution of victories reflected a diversification of political influence. The Conservative, Liberal Democrat, and Basingstoke and Deane Independents (BDI) each secured victories in four wards, while Labour claimed three, and the Green Party, Women’s Equality Party, and an independent candidate each clinched one seat.

Of particular significance were the gains made by the Liberal Democrats and BDI, both of whom managed to wrestle two seats each from the Conservative Party. Labour, Green, and the Women’s Equality Party also capitalized on the electorate’s shifting sentiments, each securing one additional seat previously held by the Conservatives.

This means the current coalition leadership, formed by non-Conservative councillors, is expected to continue.

For a look at the candidate list in full click here

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