Cottons Farm, Braintree

The development proposals submitted for Prior Approval by Braintree Council, comprised the conversion of the small barn to be converted into a 2 bed dwelling, the main barn into a 3 bed dwelling and the stable converted to a 2 bed dwelling, in total five dwellings. Each dwelling was proposed to be no larger than 100 sq. m. (1076.4sqf).

Who was the client?

Private Client

What was the scheme?

5 Dwellings

What were we doing?

Prior Notification for 5 dwellings

What is the Status?

Approved, Construction to Commence

The proposals submitted in October 2018, constituted Permitted Development under Part 3, Class Q of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Amendment) Order 2018 and were subject to Prior Approval.

The proposals submitted fulfil the requirements of Paragraph W of the GPDO 2015 (amended 2018) and were approved 31st October 2018.

Construction is due to commence.

Photo Credit: Urbanissta

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