Bernard Works, Tottenham

We worked on proposals for the redevelopment of the Bernard Works former industrial site in Tottenham for a mixed-use commercial led scheme in accordance with Haringey’s adopted planning policy.

Who was the client?

GCAP Investments

What was the scheme?

99 dwellings & Commercial Spaces

What were we doing?


What is the Status?

Application Submitted December 2017. Resolution Secured March 2018, favourable determination July 2018. Permission Extant LDC secured 2023.

A detailed application was submitted in December 2017 for: “Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 1,3,4,5,6,7 storey mixed-use development comprising 25 Commercial Units (B1/B2), music rehearsal space (Sui Generis), café (A3), exhibition space (Sui Generis) (commercial spaces totalling 2446.9m2 (gross), and 99 Residential Units (C3) including 12 apartments tethered to the commercial space, plus site access, replacement open space, landscaping, plant and other associated development.”

Permission secured in 2018, which is now extant confirmed in a lawful development certificate 2023.

Photo Credit:

Images: Duggan Morris Architects

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