10 & 11 Flanchford Road, Reigate Heath

The site comprised a number of elements restrictive to redevelopment, including nationally designated and locally listed buildings, located within the Colley Lane & Flanchford Road Conservation Area.

Who was the client?

Private Client

What was the scheme?

Heritage Advice for Refurbishment & Redevelopment

What were we doing?

Heritage & Conservation

What is the Status?


11 Flanchford Road is a Grade II timber-framed Listed Building dating to the seventeenth century, whilst 10 Flanchford Road comprises the Locally Listed Stonemason’s House, dating to the nineteenth century.

10 & 11 Flanchford Road are separated by a late twentieth century garage site, whilst both have undergone substantial loss and erosion, the former being now vacant and derelict. With the garage and its very poor rearward extensions, the group clearly constituted a gap site in this semi-rural, conservation area location within the settings of listed buildings.

On behalf of Stanton Construction, our team advised upon and negotiated the heritage dimension of the scheme, advising on matters of significance and design and commissioning Bournemouth Archaeology to undertake further specific investigation into the seventeenth century timber-framed cottage. This work fed into the design process with subsequent proposals entailing the removal of late twentieth century garage buildings and the combined conversion, restoration and refurbishment of the heritage assets to create one three-bedroomed unit and two, two-bedroomed units. To the rear were proposed two, three-bedroomed semi-detached units and one four-bedroomed unit. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent was granted July 2014.

Photo Credit: Heritage Advisory

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