Closure of Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane, Haywards Heath

Closure of Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane
and Hanlye Lane, Haywards Heath

View the Penlands Farm Diversion map (PDF)

As part of the new community we are delivering at Penlands Green, we are required by our planning permission and Section 278 agreement with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to provide a new roundabout at the current junction where Balcombe Road, Borde Hill and Hanlye Lane intersect. This is to ensure the area’s local infrastructure is improved to meet current and future needs. You may be aware that Redrow withdrew a road closure application for installation of the new roundabout in March 2019. The application withdrawal enabled safety improvement works on London Lane, Cuckfield, to be completed as well as additional discussions on how disruption to the wider community could be minimised whilst the works are undertaken.

In line with WSCC’s requirements, we are writing to let you know that the road closure will now take place from 22 June 2020, for a 12-week period. This timing has been agreed with WSCC having considered the school holidays and the South of England Show. The work means that Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane will be closed where they intersect, with no throughway in any direction. Maps showing the closure and diversion routes are below.

To deliver the roundabout as quickly as possible, the roadworks will be in place seven days a week. The approved working hours are:

Monday to Friday: 0800-1800
Saturday: 0900-1700
Sunday: 1000-1700

We are aware that traffic movements may increase on Copyhold Lane and, although we are not obligated to do so, propose to undertake remedial works such as pothole/rut repairs to support this, which we hope will benefit residents.

Access for residents to Penlands Green will be via the construction access off Hanlye Lane.

You will see some work underway in early 2020 which is not directly in relation to the roundabout construction but allows utility companies associated with the development (UKPN and BT) to carry out necessary work.

We realise the disruption this work will cause and will do our upmost, working with WSCC, to ensure we can get this completed as soon as possible.

We will continue to keep you updated on our plans and will provide further updates before the works begin in June 2020. As part of our road closure application WSCC send an ‘Early Warning Notice For Road Closure’. All information relating to the road closure will be uploaded to this website. We thank you for your patience as we carry out these works.

Penlands Farm road diversion map


What work are you doing and why is it needed?
Our planning permission for the 210 homes and new community at Penlands Green, requires the installation of a roundabout where Balcombe Road, Borde Hill and Hanlye Lane intersect.  A condition attached to the planning permission requires the construction of the roundabout to improve the current junction arrangement to meet current and future needs and make the local highways network safer.

When is the work taking place?
The work is scheduled to start on 22 June 2020 for an anticipated 12-week period.  This timing considers the South of England Show dates as well as school holidays.

What roads will be affected?
Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane will be closed where they intersect, with no throughway in any direction.  A map showing the closure and diversion routes can been found above.

What are the hours of working?
The work will be carried out seven days a week to reduce the overall duration of the works.  We plan to carry out as much as we can during daylight hours.

The working hours are:
Monday to Friday          0800-1800
Saturday                       0900-1700
Sunday                         1000-1700

Why can’t these works be undertaken with a partial/light-controlled closure?
We re-assessed all the various options for these works and the decision to fully close these roads was not taken lightly. Our consulting engineers and contractor advise that the safest and most effective way to construct the new roundabout, is a full closure.

Will there be access only to properties nearby? If so, will the access be manned throughout the closure period?
Access will be maintained, however in some cases this will be via a diversion route which will be clearly signed. We will be keeping all residents informed of our work phases.

 Will other measures be put in place as part of the works e.g new speed restrictions?
The 30mph zone is to be extended north along the Balcombe Road and west into Hanlye Lane to cover the approaches to the roundabout. The newly raised level of the road following construction will improve the sight lines around the junction.

 Will pedestrians be able to walk alongside the roadworks
At present there is no footway on the existing road. When construction is complete there will be a new pavement provided. A pedestrian access through to Penlands Green will be in place when the works start.

What will happen if emergency vehicles need to get through? Are the emergency services notified as part of this process?
The emergency services are being notified of our proposed works and we will be engaging with them prior to and during the works so that they are able to forward plan for alternative routes.

Can we be assured that no other road closures will be imminent once these works have finished i.e. that utilities companies won’t then apply to close the road?
All utility works will have been completed for the development, so Redrow Homes do not envisage any further works on the road following these works.

 Who can I contact for more information?
Emails can be sent to: