Closure of Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane, Haywards Heath

Closure of Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane
and Hanlye Lane, Haywards Heath

UPDATE: Penland Farm Proposed Road Closure Update, 5th February 2019.

Mark Becker, Technical Director at Redrow South East, has commented, “Following our advanced notification in October 2018 and the subsequent application for road closures at Balcombe Road, Hanlye Lane and Borde Hill Lane, Redrow has been in regular discussions with local members and officers at Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council to find a way to reduce disruption to local residents and businesses as much as possible.

In response to the concerns that have been raised, we will be withdrawing the current road closure application and will pursue the road closure for the summer of 2020. This will allow for the safety improvement works on London Lane, Cuckfield, to be completed this summer and provide additional time for investigation and discussion on how disruption to the wider community can be minimised while the works are undertaken. We will continue to keep the local community updated on our plans.

 You may be aware that as part of the development of the former Penlands Farm site, some local roads need to be closed to allow construction of a new roundabout that West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has instructed as part of the planning process.

Work will start in March 2019, subject to WSCC’s approval, and will last for an anticipated period of three months. The necessary work means Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane will be closed where they intersect, with no throughway in any direction.

The detailed map showing the closure and diversions is available below. Any comments can also be sent via e-mail to Both of these will be open for a 4-week period from Friday 26th October to 23rd November 2018.

We realise the inconvenience that this will cause to you locally and wanted to give you early notice of the closure which is unavoidable, due to the nature and location of the work.
All options to minimise disruption have been explored and it has been proposed that roadworks will be in place seven days a week, to reduce the duration of the work overall, these dates are subject to final approval by the Local and County Council and will be finalised through the road closure application process.

The proposed working hours are:

Monday to Friday – 0700 to 1700
Saturday – 0800 to 1600
Sunday – 0900 to 1600

Please know that we are all keen to get this work completed as quickly as possible and will be working closely with the West Sussex County Council to achieve this. We thank you in advance.

penlands-farm-plan-thumbnail   Penlands_Farm_-_Road_Closure_Area_-_detail_map-page

View the Penlands Farm Diversion map (PDF)

View the detailed map

PB5314-S278-General Arrangement plan -100-01 (Rev 8) (PDF)

PB5314-S278-Signage, Road Markings & Lighting 2of2 – 1200-02 (Rev 8) (PDF)

PB5314-S278-Signage, Road Markings & Lighting 1of2 – 1200-01 (Rev 9) (PDF)


What work are you doing and why is it needed?
West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has instructed the installation of a roundabout where Balcombe Road, Borde Hill and Hanlye Lane intersect, as part of the new community we are delivering at Penlands Green. A condition attached to the planning permission requires the construction of the roundabout to improve the current junction arrangement to meet current and future needs.

When is the work taking place?
The work is scheduled to start – subject to approval by Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council – in March 2019 for an anticipated period of three months.

What roads will be affected?
Balcombe Road, Borde Hill Lane and Hanlye Lane will be closed where they intersect, with no throughway in any direction.  A copy of the diversion map can be found on this website until Friday 16 November 2018.

What are the hours of working?
The work will be carried out seven days a week to reduce the overall duration of the works.  We plan to carry out as much as we can during daylight hours.
The working hours are – Monday to Friday – 0700-1700, Saturday 0800-1600 and Sunday 0900-1600.

Will there be access only to properties nearby?  If so, will the access be manned throughout the closure period?
Access will be maintained for all properties around the works and we will be keeping all residents informed of our work phases.

 Will other measures be put in place as part of the works e.g new speed restrictions?
The 30mph zone is to be extended north along the Balcombe Road and west into Hanlye Lane to cover the approaches to the roundabout. The newly raised level of the road following construction will improve the sight lines around the junction.

Will pedestrians be able to walk alongside the roadworks?
At present there is no footway on the existing road. When construction is complete there will be a new pavement provided. The Pedestrian access through to Penlands Green will be in place when the works start.

 What will happen if emergency vehicles need to get through?  Are the emergency services notified as part of this process?
The emergency services are being notified of our proposed works and we will be engaging with them prior to and during the works so that they are able to forward plan for alternative routes.

Can we be assured that no other road closures will be imminent once these works have finished i.e. that utilities companies won’t then apply to close the road?
All utility works will have been completed for the development so Redrow Homes do not envisage any further works on the road following these works.

Who can I contact for more information?
Comments can be emailed to until Friday 16 November 2018.

Are you informing me or consulting with me?
This is not a consultation. This is advanced public notification that we will be applying for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) for road closures. We are not able to undertake our highway works safely while maintaining traffic flows through the works. Given the major impact the road closures will have we are providing advanced notification.  The purpose of this notification is to give residents and business early warning so that they can start planning for the impacts.  This is also the start of our on-going communication on the project. We welcome comments so that we can consider any further mitigation that we can introduce. However to undertake the works in a safe manner we will require road closures.

Where will construction traffic go?
Construction traffic currently uses Balcombe Road which will be closed for the roadworks. Construction traffic during the roadworks will go west to Cuckfield following the diversion. This will require a temporary amendment to the Construction plan.

What is being done to minimise disruption to school traffic?  
The road closure would be in place for three months, during this time the diversion route would need to be used. Therefore regrettably some delays will be experienced during this period.

Why can you not work within the typical construction hours (Mon-Fri and Saturday morning)?
Redrow has been given a specific window of time to complete the new roundabout in full and want to complete the work as efficiently as possible to ensure the local community can benefit from the new roundabout as soon as possible. If we worked to the current approved working hours, the duration of the road closure would increase. An application will be submitted to Mid Sussex seeking approval for extended working hours which will see the programme reduced from five months to three months

Why will it take so long?
The works are anticipated to take 12 weeks as roads leading up to the roundabout arms need to be relevelled with the completed construction up to 2.3m higher than the existing road. Because of legal safety zone areas this makes it impossible to construct and have live lanes of traffic running at the same time. By extending the working hours we have already reduced the time scales from 5 to 3 months.

 Why can’t work be done 24 hrs a day?
It is considered that a 24 hour operation would be too disruptive by way of noise and light pollution to the nearest residents, and there is a greater risk of accidents due the nature of working in reduced lighting. The proposed seven day working week has significantly reduced the programme of works from five months to three months.

Why aren’t you doing it over the summer holidays?
In order to undertake the road works, road space needs to be secured with the Highway Authority who have provisionally provided a March date to start works. To ensure that Redrow completes the works as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to residents, the seven day working week is proposed. All works on the highway need to be coordinated with other planned works to ensure that all the diversion routes are clear, this process has been on ongoing for the past 12 months to find a suitable time slot.

Please can you confirm if I will be able to walk from Penland road to Borde Hill Gardens when the roundabout is being constructed?
The new roundabout proposals include a footway from Penland Road to the entrance of Penlands Green, there is currently no provision of a footpath from the site to Borde Hill Gardens. Redrow is currently looking into the possibility to have a temporary route to link the existing housing estate to Penlands Green and then join onto Borde Hill Gardens – this may be possible for at least part of the construction time.

 Will Penland Road also be closed?
Penland Road will not be closed as part of these works, it also does not form part of the diversion route.

 Could you not close part of the junction?
Due to the existing levels of the roads surrounding the roundabout, and in particular on Balcombe Road where the levels differences are significant, it would not be possible to construct the roundabout and maintain a safe passage for existing traffic.

Can the traffic around the existing route be staggered?
Unfortunately due to the level difference between the new and the existing carriageway there is no opportunity to stagger the existing route safely. Redrow, WSCC and the contractor will continue to discuss all construction issues as part of the detailed application process.

What are the next steps?
Following this period of notification which closes on the 26th November, Redrow will consider all responses and if possible we will incorporate suggestions in our final traffic management proposals.  We will then apply to WSCC for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) for the road closures which are required to safely construct our works.
Due to the nature and length of the disruption all parties involved have agreed to an extended period of notification. Once the application has been submitted, the formal process of advertising and full notifications will be triggered by WSCC which Redrow will assist with.

Why can’t works be undertaken under night road closures and the road opened to traffic in the day?
Unfortunately due to the significant level difference it is impossible to safely build part of the planned works and then open up the road ready for public use the next day.

What happens if rat running takes place through roads not on the signed diversion route?
A signed diversion route will be proposed as part of the TTRO process, unfortunately we cannot prevent access though existing public highway routes beyond this agreed diversion.